DARING TO LOOK presents never-before-published photographs and texts by the great photographer of America's migrant and displaced people, Dorothea Lange.

Her eloquent reports from the field of a single significant, year, 1939, in the depth of the Great Depression, portray America's massive upheaval and resettlement, its private greed and environmental degradation, its public miscalculations, and its efforts to restore hope.

Lange held up her mirror to American society that we might see who we were, how we came to be, and what we were in the process of becoming. Her words and photographs speak powerfully to the present, for the dynamics she saw and recorded are still shaping American lives and landscapes.

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"...a masterful mix of the visual and the verbal"

- Publishers Weekly

"...a stirring account."

- Los Angeles Times

"...a very important book...fascinating insight"

- Mary Ellen Mark

"...a wonderful combination of the socially conscious work of two gifted artists and writers."

- Dolores Hayden

"...a very important book deserving wide readership"

- Dolores Hayden

"An astonishing book!"

- Rondal Partridge

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